Block Trades

Block Trades to Raise Capital

When a shareholder seeks liquidity on a concentrated securities position Oceanview has the resources to help. Sometimes clients require quick cash from a stock position to satisfy a debt, fund real estate or invest in a business by liquidating a large block of the position at a discount.

We will provide you a quote at the lowest possible discount depending on the stock strength in the market.

To be considered for a block trade the transaction should be greater than USD 100,000

A Block Trade Transaction Includes:

  • A Competitive discount.
  • A Highly aggressive tranche amount.
  • A Quick transaction.
  • Shares and funds are transacted by DVP.

Block Purchase/ Criteria for trade:

  • The shares are not restricted and are free trading.
  • The shares have an average volume trading equal to USD 30,000 or more
  • Active daily trading volume should be shared
  • The trading history should have a minimum of 180 days

Block Purchase / Trade Offer Request:

For a block exchange we require the following details:

  • Symbol of stock
  • Name of company
  • Stock exchange
  • Number of free trading shares
  • Name of seller
  • If a using a broker please provide the contact information


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