Securities Lending on Your Existing Portfolio

Generate Additional Income on Securities You Already Own

business graph with dollar signSecurities lending is a common method for an investor to generate additional income on an existing stock portfolio. Securities lending is when you (the Lender) temporarily loan your securities to Oceanview Consultant Partners (the Borrower). Oceanview enters into a loan agreement with you detailing the terms of the loan, how the Lender  is paid, how the income generated will be shared as well as collateral from Oceanview to protect the Lender in the event of default.

Not all stock portfolios qualify for Securities Lending with Oceanview and is not appropriate for all investors. Oceanview borrows on most foreign stocks and corporate bonds. The securities must be “fully paid for”‘ meaning that they are owned outright by the investor, and not margined.

The loan agreement is tailored for each individual investor and provides an overview of the terms and conditions related to the transaction as well as remedies to events of default by both Lender and Borrower. There is no cost to participate in our Securities Lending program, and the investor does not usually have to do anything beyond executing the initial loan agreement. If securities are borrowed, loan fee payments are are made automatically and in frequencies based on the terms of the agreement.

Because a securities lending transaction requires transfer of legal ownership of equities and also the attached voting rights, our agreement provides for loaned securities to be subject to a right of recall by the lender, so that he/she can recover securities if he/she wishes to exercise voting rights or respond to corporate actions.

If you are interested in our Securities Lending program please contact us here for additional information.


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