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“Funding Capital with Stock Loan ,Repo/Buy Back, Block Trade for Clients in Asia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam.”

We specialize in stock loans, securities lending, block purchases, small cap acquisitions and have been an alternative source of capital for clients worldwide for over 25 years. Oceanview Consultant Partners works with share holders to create the perfect solution to raise capital for both personal and business needs through either a No Title Transfer Non Re-course stock loan or Repo/Buy Back transaction. We have over USD 500 million available for stock loan funding in 2023.

Stock Funding Services

Oceanview Consultant Partners is now setup to fund Stock Loans in South Korea and Vietnam. Contact us for more details.

In order to provide brokerage custodial services for its securities lending program Oceanview has complied with and arranged custodial services in London, England, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Indonesia, South Korea and most recently Vietnam. We service all loans and payments are funded through regulated financial institutions. The company has the financial strength and partners to provide loans over US$500,000,000.

In addition, we have access to multiple strategic funding partners that provide additional funding leveraging these partners to invest in the success of many of the companies we choose to fund.

No Title Transfer Non-Recourse Stock Loan – can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. A Share holder living in Asia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia can consult with our trained professionals to create the best solution for them. Read More.

Fund Raising with Structured Financing – we can create a customized plan to help your Company raise the value of your publicly traded shares. Contact Us here for a free consultation.

Repurchase Agreement (Repo) – a flexible term loan whereby the seller of a security agrees to buy it back from Oceanview at a specified price and time. The seller pays an agreed upon interest rate upfront or when repurchasing the stock. Get a Quote.

Securities Lending – For clients seeking to gain incremental revenue on an existing stock portfolio our Securities Lending program may be an option for you. Read More.

Read more details about our Stock Loan , Securities Lending or Block Trade program.

Asian businessman working with Ocean View in Hong Kong

Oceanview Consultant Partners is looking to partner with you. We are seeking qualified individuals to represent our services in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam.

If you are interested please contact Joseph, International Managing Director at ovcstockloan@gmail.com for more information.