Stock Loan Process

Steps of a No Title Transfer Stock Loan

Application & Approval within 48 hours

  1. To initiate the stock loan process, simply apply online through our Request Form. Within 24 hours of contacting us a representative will contact you to review the stock and eligibility for a loan.
  2. If approved, we will consult with you to determine a customized solution. A guaranteed Term Sheet will be sent to you outlining the details of the loan such as loan amount, tranches, Loan to Value (LTV), interest rate, fees and loan term.
  3. Once the Term Sheet is approved by you a Non-Recourse Stock Loan Agreement will be prepared based on the 3-5 day average of your stock’s closing price and sent to you for review and approval.
  4. A brokerage statement will be requested as proof of ownership and status of the securities prior to funding.
  5. You setup an account in your name at the designated brokerage defined in the loan agreement and the shares are held in custody, never sold or short-traded
  6. The loan funds are disbursed via an internal Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) directly to your account. Funds can be disbursed by you to a place of your preference.
  7. You make interest-only payments quarterly. Any dividends from the securities are credited to the loan payment first and any excess is returned to you. The first interest payment is usually required upon the first funding.
  8. At the end of the loan term if all interest payments are made and the portfolio has maintained the required LTV, the same amount of shares originally pledged are returned to you. The loan term may also be extended or refinanced for an additional 12 months or more upon mutual agreement.
  9. The time frame from start to funding may be as little as 7-10 business days.

Contact Us for any questions or visit or FAQ page for more information.

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