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Since 2009, the five managing partners of Oceanview Consultant Partners Ltd have evaluated and executed hundreds of structured securities loans in Hong Kong, Singapore, and parts of Asia.

The managing Director, Peter Burgess has over 30 years in the securities industry and has managed multiple lending funds throughout his career.

OVC is a Direct Lender and our approach to lending allows borrowers the flexibility of gaining needed liquidity, a reasonable cost and without sacrificing potential upside. OVC’s loans are always No-Title Transfer, non-recourse, and collateral is held in your custodial account at the designated brokerage. You never need to worry about shares be sold or traded.

At Oceanview Consultant Partners, we collaborate with the borrower on the terms of each and every loan. Our team of analysts reviews each stock and its performance over a two (2) year time span and assure you that upon an offer of funding it will be genuine and legitimate.

Our process is transparent and completely confidential. We offer many lending options on publicly traded securities to officers and directors, individual shareholders and companies directly if your security is traded on a major foreign exchange.

The only collateral required on a security-based loan is the shares; the borrower’s credit and personal or corporate possessions are not a consideration. Borrowers can use the proceeds of the loan for any legal purpose.

No matter what your situation — needing immediate funds for a real estate transaction, expand an existing business, start a new business, pay college tuition, or even pay medical bills — OVC can structure a loan for you.

A note about Taxes
There may be tax consequences associated with a stock loan in your country for some individuals. You should consult with your tax or legal adviser to help you assess your specific situation.